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Spiritual Healing Sessions
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Spiritual Healing Sessions

A spiritual Healing session with Deana Terry is a unique and transformational experience.  During your session, she allows herself to become a conduit for information from your Higher Self, which facilitates clarity and healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Deana assists you to establish firm connections with your inner knowledge and strength, and gently leads you to become an active participant in the process of healing yourself.

During a session, many issues will be balanced and brought into harmony with the higher self purpose.  These issues may include, but are not limited to: physical ailments, detox of organs, meridians, chakras, cores issues, past life connections and carry-overs, family and ancestral history, DNA, limitations, boundaries, contracts, vows, promises, patterns, beliefs, connections to inner self, inner child work, and soul retrieval.  Every individual is unique, and a session usually reveals excatly what you are needing in that moment.
Deana's goal during a spiritual healing session is always to reestablish your personal power so that you can effectively create the life you wish to live.  This often involves releasing past traumas and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, but it also entails accepting gifts from Spirit that can become tools of empowerment.
During a healing session there may be a number of opportunities to transform existing issues, while addressing and healing the wounds caused by trauma and suffering.  Each session is completely unique with its own challenges and processes.  The healing work may encompass breathwork, massage, sound toning, visualization, energy transference, and various states of meditation.  This process often results in the substantial release of emotions and "stuck" memories,  which can then begin the journey towards the sacred alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit.
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Deana works with her Higher Guidance - and with yours - to make each session productive and meaningful.  She encourages each individual to become empowered and aware, understanding that each of us already carries all of the wisdom, knowledge and answers we are seeking.
To facilitate your unique healing process, Deana assists you in consciously connecting to Divine Energy and, through this connection, helps you to energetically clear the attachments of your emotional body.
The Emotional Body is that energetic part of us that holds addictions and attachments.  It is the seat of our anger, fear, sorrow, judgment, and guilt.  It is what keeps us from experiencing our true power and bliss.  Through the quickening energy of your Higher Self, Deana will help you distill out of the Emotional Body those themes that have blocked or inhibited certain areas of your life.  The process facilitates the energetic clearing of old habitual behavior patterns that, although we know intellectually we no longer need, we keep repeating anyway.  Once these themes are cleared, we are free to manifest our full potential.
All energies are simply seeking ascension, and desiring to go home.  At some point in your journey, they were helpful to you.  If they are no longer serving you, they are no longer learning or growing themselves.  Releasing them to their own evolutionary cycle is a way of freeing both you and these energies to move more easily into new cycles.
By healing the old, you make way for the new.  The sessions are truly multidimensional.  The Higher Self may guide you into an infinite variety of possible experiences.   We have the power to change our lives.  The time is now.
Your freedom of will and discernment is respected unconditionally and is the most important component of each session.  You will choose whether or not to address the issues that arise for reconciliation.  Deana facilitates a safe and comfortable environment for this process.  Your absolute privacy is guaranteed.
Deana is available to work with you energetically during a telephone session, or in person at her office in Treasure Island, Florida.


As a courtesy Deana offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have.
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                               LIGHT is information

                        LOVE is the key to Ascension

                                ASCENSION is the

                      integration of higher spiritual
                           frequencies into your physical

                                    and Light bodies. 

                                   BE THE LIGHT!  

                                    BE THE LOVE!  

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