Journey to the Divine
Integrating Body, Mind and spirit Into Sacred Alignment
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"I have done several phone sessions with Deana and each time they have been exactly what I needed. Her ability to perceive and communicate information, as well as the energy work she provides remotely is nothing short of amazing." Stacey, Boynton Beach, FL

"In the 25 years that I have been working with alternative health practioners, I have never come across someone as adept as Deana. I loved her insights and her nuturing kind spirit." Rita , Lancaster, PA

"I had a phone session with Deana and it was, quite literally, amazing! During that call, Deana was able to help me transform many burdens from my past -- things I no longer even realized I had been carrying -- which has freed up my own life force, returning energy to me that had become unavailable. Deana directed a transformation that re-energized my spirit in a very fulfilling and magical way. And she did this all with great love and without judgment. Deana is truly a blessing for those seeking to realign themselves with their higher purpose." Pam, Lancaster, PA

"I cannot actually say enough good things about Deana's gifts. I found Deana at a time in my life when I was really quite desperate. With her help, and that of my angels and quides, my life and outlook on life has changed dramatically for the better. Now I am not a person who would normally take much stock in chakras and energy fields, however Deana's abilities are obvious and powerful. I had been to conventional therapists of several types who never seem to be able to figure out my core issues, Deana uncovered them on my first visit and I knew that I had found a valuable spiritual resource immediately. Thanks again Deana for all your help and I will see you soon!" John, St Petersburg, FL

"Deana Terry's work is hard to describe in words because her service is so multi-dimensional and beyond the limitations of vocabulary and 3-d explanation. She truly gives deeper meaning to the term: Mind, Body and Spirit experience! As a gifted massage therapist with an impressive list of credentials in various techniques for bringing the body back into balance, she can heal your aches and pains and realign your physical frame. As one of the clearest Intuitive Channels that I have ever known, she goes beyond the physical and finds the mental and emotional blockages that are stored within the body and with great compassion, non- judgment and a depth of understanding; she assists with the release of these burdens. With all of this knowledge and wisdom, she is already a powerhouse and an amazing healer but add in there her Angelic Soul and you will see why Deana is so hard to encapsulate into words. In my opinion, she is more Angelic then she is human, she is far more comfortable exploring the heavenly realms then she is on the earth plane. Her vast Spirit seems to innately know and understand the subtle terrains of this multidimensional universe. She can take you where you need to go whether it is in this lifetime or others, this planet or other worlds. She is an experienced Guide who can commune with your Angels and Spirit Helpers and together provide you with what your soul needs. Deana is my personal healer and dear friend, she has helped me walk through many doorways on my path. She is an Angel in my life and the Light that she shares is a great gift to us all!" Nana Hendricks, Intuitive Counselor, Black Mountain, NC

"Deana's work is truely transformational...I can not fathom the state-of-being I would be in without her guidance on my spiritual path. The sessions that I have had with her are multi-dimensional journeys through the layers of Self. Some insights have a profound effect on my current cycles and others just make me burst into giggles.I come into her sessions with an open mind and heart and leave feeling like I just had years of therapy. Even though growth is sometimes unpleasant, Deana emits a nurturing vibration to make the process as harmonious as possible. She holds up the purest mirror and whatever is in that reflection must be dealt with to move towards wholeness and oneness." Heather, Orlando, FL

"I have experienced Deana Terry as a gifted Being of balance, able to honor Universal harmony and bring It's essence into physical presence. She is intuitive and empathetic; a vessel through which my Higher Self and Angelic family are able to communicate and direct my path.
The purity of purpose that she embodies provide a portal to experience the intention of my greatest and highest good. Insight and inspiration accompanied by purely loving intention have opened my eyes to the heart of me." Lori Blastic, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

"Every session with Deanna is unique and a suprise. Issues come up that are relevant to exactly what is happening at that point in time in my life. Even things I was not aware of crop up in the session and are released, transmutted, or left behind. This enables me to move forward on my path. The most amazing occurence in the sessions is the intuitive ability Deanna has to offer. She is able to with the help of her angels and guides to key into the exact area I need to focus on during the session. Because of her gift, I feel I am able to accelerate my healing process. I always feel empowered and more in tune with my divine self after a visit with Deanna , truly an angel on earth." Karen, St Petersburg, Fl

"Deana has very special talents that will take you on a journey like no other. You will find her presence alone very comforting and peaceful. Her sessions are amazing and you will walk away feeling educated, refreshed and exhilarated. Thank you Deana for all you’ve given me!" Robin , Seminole, FL

"Deana is a master healer. Her massage goes beyond healing the body, as my mind and soul are soothed and healed as a result of her work. I trust Deana as she is always intuitively lead to the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Deana as I believe she is of the utmost in her healing abilities."
Power and Peace,
Ken, Seminole, Fl

"My experiences with Deana have been profound to say the least. Life altering in some instances. Deana has a true gift that she shares with her guests. I have only done work with her in person and enjoyed the experience tremendously. She knows how to get to the heart of the pain or whatever issue is going on with you. Highly intuitive and very gentle in her expression, not judgemental at all. Each session is different and she is able to tap into information that is not available in a normal fashion. She is able to go back lifetimes and unlock an issue that is causing discomfort in the present. You name it, she can help you with it.
I do highly recommend any work with Deana, you will be very pleased with the results." Helen Mallory, Seminole, FL

"I have been dealing with pain induced by surgery for several years. I was completely convinced it could only be resolved by additional surgery. Deana's work took me to a place mentally and physically that left me transformed. I experienced a tremendous physical release. My ideas about my physical pain changed. My emotional ties to pain in my body became clear and consequently my outlook became more positive. During this work which was painful and emotional; Deana was present with me on many levels. This is her life's calling, she is an artist capable of true healing."
Stephanie Cirasa, Ft Walton Beach FL

"Deana is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever worked with. She is truly gifted. Deana is what I call an intuitive therapist. She is drawn to the parts of your body that need healing. Sometimes these are not the most obvious parts to you or to her, but hidden, subtle hurts. Deana works as a partner with you in your healing. I had many physical and emotional injuries from a head-on collision from thirty years ago. Even though I had just undergone multiple recent surgeries, Deana said those were healing well and worked on old hurts, places that surprised both of us. She massaged tight throat muscles that held unreleased screams, a protected heart, and a tight knot of scar tissue thirty years old. Our work together affected me deeply physically and emotionally. She is not only a massage therapist, she is a healer."
With love,
Susan, Worcester, Ma

"Deana Terry is one of the best in the field of body work! I have suffered with back spasms for several years and have been through the gamete of therapies from Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Neuromuscular Massage, Rolfing, Qigong Healing modalities, pain medications and muscle relaxants, etc., etc., etc.!!! My search has ended and the healing has begun.
Deana provides a combination of deep tissue work on the physical plane and cellular level. She is guided and gifted with intuitive insights that pinpoint blockages—both in the muscular and energetic bodies. Healing happens!
“When the student is ready the teacher appears” none can be more true of our sessions. She is gentle yet relentless in her approach and technique---confident and skilled she follows the path that leads to the source of presented issues. Each session if complete in and of itself—and each session build from one to the next. I am truly blessed that we have found each other!
If you are ready to release the hold of physical pain and discomfort, and experience your body as it is designed to function—healthy and strong—allow Deana to work her magic!"
Trish Anton, St. Petersburg Florida



Journey to the Divine

As I traveled my dark and well-worn course

feeling hopeless and starting to weaken.

I am pulled along by some unknown force

towards a light that shines like a beacon.

As my eyes adjust to the blinding light

there stands a woman, willowy and fair.

Is she an angel, a fairy, or maybe a sprite?

Could she really be the answer to my prayer?

Taking my hand she says “Deana’s my name”

“Come with me, let’s go for a stroll”

I was mesmerized, like a moth to a flame

by the beauty and pure love of her soul

We could have flown or sailed the seas

to almost anywhere our hearts desired.

But she and Mother Earth I would appease

To be grounded she said was required

So I walked with her as she took in the sights

of my life and the path I had taken

She judged me not, no wrongs, no rights

but asked if I was ready to awaken

She healed my shame, my pain and fear

as we journeyed towards the divine.

She helped me laugh or shed a tear

while saying “It’s ok, you’ll be fine.”

I feel like a toddler, just learning to walk

but I’m on the path I was meant to trod.

With her help I’ll soon soar like a hawk

and get closer to the Goddess and God. 

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