Journey to the Divine
Integrating Body, Mind and spirit Into Sacred Alignment
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 How do I Prepare for a session?          

  The only requirement is that you be open and committed to spiritual growth, having new experiences, and expanding your being.                         

For phone sessions:

Create a comfortable peaceful location that is quiet where you will not be disturbed. If you have favorite crystals have them near you. Lite some incense and maybe a candle.  Use a headset if available or a pillow will be helpful to hold the phone. Lie down in a comfortable place and have a blanket nearby in case you get cold. I will call you at the appointment time.  

Sessions in person:

 For sessions done in person, you will be lying on a massage table. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and drink plenty of water the day of your session.

Sometimes I notice changes in my body before a session.  Is this normal?

 Whatever you are getting ready to release will start to stir in the days preceding the healing appointment. If you begin to feel ill or simply odd, these are the very symptoms and energies that are on their way out. Coming to the healing session will assist these energies and symptoms to keep moving on and out of your body. You will want to chose a time when you can relax and perhaps even nap after the session. Notice, and allow yourself to begin to shift and heal before the session. No need to wait when the healing energies are already engaged!


What might I expect afterwards?

 Deana's clients have reported many benefits of healing sessions including:


-greater sense of wholeness


-greater physical ease and comfort


-greater spiritual insight


-greater awareness of Higher Self, guides and your own aura


You and your body have decided to shift foundational energies and release many long held patterns. As a result much more life-force is flowing. As this river widens and speeds up, all sorts of debris may be swept along in its current, flowing out of your body. Tears, moments of joy, odd tingling, a feeling of clarity and perfect lightness, even a round of diarrhea or a brief cold are not uncommon as the physical body cleanses and updates itself.

If you feel any physical symptoms warrant medical attention please call your primary health care professional. Caring for the physical body assists the changes to manifest smoothly. You may want to schedule a massage, acupuncture, chiropractic or other supportive modalities for the day following the healing session.

It is not uncommon for people to want quiet time after the session. If you can, choose a session time that allows you a few hours, or the remainder of the day for contemplation. Be sure to drink plenty of water and set aside extra time for a good night's sleep.

It is not uncommon for people for feel that they have another layer or layers of issues surfacing to to be cleared.  The time frame for continued work depends greatly upon each individual and at what rate they are traveling on their journey.

Included in your session fee is a follow up 15 minute session to check on your progress and answer any questions.  We will arrange this follow up when we schedule your initial session. 

How do I pay for a session? 

I will send you a Pay Pal invoice to your current email address.  Please make payment prior to your appointment.  If compng to Paradise Spa please be prepared to pay with cash or check.

How do I make an appointment?

 You can reach me through email or by phone 727-278-1799. On occasion I will do private sessions in my office in Treasure Island Fl.  There is an additional fee of $25.00 for sessions in person.  The majority of my clients are phone sessions and I have currently added Skype servive that works wonderfully for international calls with clients.  I'm happy to accomodate any of these options. 

What if I need to cancel an appointment? 

Should you need to cancel an appointment, please let me know immediately. Appointments that are canceled at the last moment (the day of appointment) are subject to a cancellation fee of the cost of your session.  Please know that I have a full schedule.  Not honoring your appointment time by giving ample notice is taking valuable time from someone who is waiting.


Deana would be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.  Please contact her at 




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